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English Garden Bath Tea

English Garden Bath Tea

We love petals, herbs, salts, and powders all together to scent our bathwater, relax our muscles and give us aromatherapy benefits from the fragranced steam released but sometimes we want to walk away after our relaxing soak without the worry of petal filled plug holes and leaves in the drain.
Our simple solution is plastic free biodegradable tea bags that contain all of our botanicals and minerals that steep in the water to give all of the benefits and none of the mess!
  • Ingredients

    Sea Salt, Epsom Salt
    Dried Rose petals, Dried lavender buds, Dried Marjoram flowers and leavesDried, Chamomile flowers and leaves, dried Strawberry leaves
  • How to Use

    You can get 2 - 3 uses out of each of our 13cm x 9cm bags as they can be dried between baths. Just hang under the taps or if in a hurry put in a jug with water from a just-boiled kettle to activate, leave for a couple of minutes, remove the bag, and pour tea into the bathwater.
  • Note

    This product is handmade by Sarah so the appearance of the item may vary. 

    We use dried leaves from our herb garden along with petal and salts.

    1. This product is non-food, do not eat;

    2. The product has undergone careful safety tests, but it cannot completely exclude non-allergic reactions.

    If you are allergic to this product, please stop using it, and consult a doctor if necessary.

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