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About Us

Like many companies, Pyon came about through necessity as I could not find what I needed.
It started when I caught measles and the virus left me oversensitised to everyday foods and products that resulted in my skin flaking away and chronic hives everywhere.
Skin and haircare became a nightmare as some creams acted like a toxin and the need for something to moisturise that would not set me off became a focus. I have literally tried everything available from large retail chemists and it became apparent that the pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals derived in labs and animal products were the trigger.
My husband researched and some of the horror stories we found about parabens, PEGs and some of the other chemical compounds used widely in the perfume and skincare world set us on a path to find alternatives.
As we started to help friends and family we decided to open up to a wider audience and started with local vegan fairs, in 2020 which has turned into the lockdown pandemic year which is why we have taken this online!

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