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We like to keep it simple.

When you order we make it, fresh, bespoke, minimal waste.

“no” to animal testing,

“yes” to safe beauty products

We only use natural ingredients to make our fragrances.

Re-use recycle, make a difference where we can.

​Animal testing is not necessary to create safe beauty products.

Stick to using tried-and-true, high quality, known safe ingredients,

then there would be no need for animal experimentation at all.

We love non-toxic beauty care.

We never use chemicals that could harm any animal, human, or otherwise.

The ingredients you see on the packaging is the ingredient used in the product.

If our Eau de Parfum smell very similar to a designer branded one you may have used or smelled,

they can never be identical, as we do not use any animal-derived products in anything we do.

When we source packaging, containers, and everything that Pyon use

we always take the recycled option and inks that do not use animal ingredients.

Congratulations – you’ve found us.

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