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Cactus Bristles Body Brush

Cactus Bristles Body Brush

Professional Dry Skin Body Brush With Cactus Bristles - Hard Strength


Exfoliate and restore your skin

This extra-firm curved cut cactus bristles bristle brush is the right hardness for exfoliating and detoxifying skin.

Dry cleaning helps release toxins and impurities

It also removes dead skin cells, stimulates lymphatic and circulatory systems, and helps restore complexion and clarity.


Size: 13 cm x 7.5 cm.


Benefits of Dry Brushing:

1. Lymphatic Support

The lymphatic system is a major part of the body’s immune system. It is made up of organs and lymph nodes, ducts, and vessels that transport lymph throughout the body. Many of these lymph vessels run just below the skin. Proponents of dry brushing claim that brushing the skin regularly helps stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and helps the body detoxify itself naturally.


2. Exfoliation

This benefit is often noticed the first time a person dry brushes. The process of running a firm, natural bristled brush over the skin helps loosen and remove dead skin cells, naturally exfoliating skin.


3. Clean Pores (& Smaller Pores!)

The added benefit of exfoliating the skin is clearing oil, dirt, and residue from the pores. Use a smaller, gentler dry brush for the face.


4. Reduces Cellulite

Though the evidence is anecdotal, you may find many accounts of people who claimed that regular dry brushing greatly helps to reduce cellulite. There isn’t much research to back the cellulite claims, but dry brushing feels great and makes skin softer, so there isn’t really any downside to trying it!


5. Natural Energy Boost

Another zero supporting research claim, many can’t explain why but dry brushing always gives a natural energy boost. For this reason, One theory is that because it increases circulation, it also increases energy. Probably best do it early in the day as part of your morning routine.

Do not use it on sensitive areas such as the face, or on broken skin.


This dry skin brush is NOT suitable for use in bath/shower.


sustainable product with FSC certified Beechwood.

  • Shipping Information

    Shipping is free.

    All of our packaging is bio-degradable.
    For large orders, we use recycled packaging and delivery companies with an ethical and proven carbon emissions mandate.


    On any delivery, things can sometimes go wrong, don't worry talk to us we will see what we can do.


  • Return and Refund Policy

    All of our products are small batch bespoke, so if something is not quite right we can change it a for you.

    If by any chance you are dissatisfied with this product, you can return it to us for a refund.



  • How to Use

    Here’s How to Dry Brush the Skin:

    • Starting at the feet, brush the bottoms of your feet and up my legs in long, smooth strokes. The number of times varies each section of skin 10 times. For lymph flow, but all agree brush toward the heart/chest area where the lymph system drains.

    • As a good rule of thumb, always brush toward the Center of the body.

    • Repeat the same process with the arms, starting with the palms of the hands and brushing up the arm toward the heart. Again, upto 10 times, for each section of skin.

    • On the stomach and armpits, brush in a circular clockwise motion.

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