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Winter skin - how to combat that dry feeling

Autumn and winter give us beautiful season changes, walking and gardening brings us nearing to the ever shifting face of nature, with midwinter celebrations and festivities there are so many joys.

Now we are getting colder weather our skin is likely to be feeling noticeably drier.  Cold air outside along with central heating inside actively pulls the moisture from us leaving our skin tight, flaky or cracked. Hand Sanitizers will also add to any sensitivity.

To help combat these feelings we've put together a list of tips that may help keep you balanced and supple through the season.

It's not all about Moisturising!

Think about your cleansers and soaps.

You may need to use something slightly gentler in the next few months to help keep your skin supple.

Face and body may need something different that does not strip your own natural oils from surface.

Look at including products with Chamomile and oatmeal to support you.

Also don't have the water too hot.This goes for showers, baths and any time you wash as the heat will strip the oils from the dermis of your skin so increasing that tightness when you dry yourself.

When exfoliating use product that gently buff and just once a week is enough during the colder season to maintain that balance.

Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt bars so think about swapping over and our strawberry seed exfoliation bar is the gentlest one we make.  We will be added bath butters and sugar scrubs in the next few days.

If lips are feeling tight try our pack containing the Pyon sugar scrub and lip balm, formulated to combat frosty mornings!

Ban the harsh toners, again think about the need to balance so a spritz may be all you need at that step.

Serums come into their own at this time of year, when you need that little extra so if you don't use one through the whole year it will be beneficial to include a light oil to add the lift and vitamin C that helps to keep your complexion bright and skin supple.

Moisturising does have a part to play

Moisturise daily, face and body. Think about what you are using at the moment and consider if you need a richer cream or heavier balm.Shea and Mango butters provide incredible hydration and help with elasticity in the skin.

We all need a little more especially hands and feet and our Lotion Bars are able to drench the skin to relieve that lack of suppleness and stop any itches, because they are solid until you use them and come in a tin they are great to carry with you and refresh the hands after the sanitizer has done its job.

We also have a number of balms that target the need for that little extra care for the face (Anti ageing mango butter balm) and cracked skin (cracked skin repair balm) to target areas like chapped skin, dry elbows, heals and feet.

Finally, drink lots of water and keep a check on your caffeine and alcohol intake as these have properties to dehydrate you more.

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