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How to order your skincare routine

Pyons skincare is designed to be beneficial to you, the environment and as easy to use as possible. We want you to look good, feel good and know how and when to use our products whatever your skin type. We all know cleanse, tone, moisturise, but do you need that toner? Where does a serum or facial oil fit in and when do you use a mask? To put it simply, it depends on what your skin needs and when you are completing your routine. When you wake up Cleanse

Always start with a cleanser. We recommend you wash your face in the morning as the first step in your routine. Our soaps and cleansing balms are all designed to be washed away and for best results use with a hand-hot flannel, bamboo fibre pads or Konjac sponge, this will create a clean base for your other products. Tone 

Not all skin needs a toner. It really depends on you. the role of a toner is not to strip away your natural oils but to help balance and tighten pores or calm and hydrate. We try to keep away from Astringents as this can be a little too harsh and prefer hydrosols and flower waters for our bases. For normal and oily skin this is the next step to help balance the skin and refine pores. If you have dry, mature skin or experience sensitivity you are best used a hydrating spray to keep moisture levels up. Serum In the morning you may want to add a small amount to boost vitamin C and give you a brightening glow or continue with hydrating serums that will continue the calming and moisturising benefits Moisturise

This could be with a cream or balm and will form the final layer for the start of your day.

You should be using a product that is absorbed quickly and leave you ready to face the day or for you to apply make up.

Before Bed Cleanse

Back to the cleanse and if you have been wearing make up you will need something that will melt the mascara and other oil based products. We recommend our cleansing balms as the gentle bases are designed to remove without irritation, especially to eyes and the oils used in our balms are designed to condition and over time thicken lashes. Gently massage into the lids and lashes and this will lift the mascara, liners and powders away. Use a hand-hot flannel, bamboo fibre pads or Konjac sponge to lift the make up and remove the remains of the balm and leave your face feeling clean. Mask - once a week pamper!

Always better in the evening when yo have time to unwind and relax Check our range as they are a pure powder formula to avoid preservatives. Use 3 teaspoons and mix with water to form a paste. You could add your own liquids and they are great with aloe vera gel, rosewater or any flower waters.  Tone Again, this is the stage you would add toner or a hydrating spray Moisturise This can be the last step if your skin is feeling calm and revived  Oil If you need a little more hydration a facial oil can be added after the moisturiser, this will add a final layer and lock in all of the hydrating actions in the steps before.

  1. Cleanser

  2. Mask (evening, max twice a week)

  3. Toner- spritz

  4. Serum

  5. Moisturiser

  6. Oil

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